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Insurance Underwriter Resume Samples

This is an example and objective of insurance underwriter resume, use this insurance underwriter resume sample to apply at any insurance underwriter jobs. Sample insurance underwriter (general) resume illustrates continual career progression and education section focuses on valuable job-related training.

Insurance Underwriter Resume Samples, Examples, Template

Carl Furman
123, Ellis Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 789

To obtain an interview for the post of an insurance underwriter that offers me an opportunity to show my skills and abilities.
Summary of Qualifications
Familiar with the risks involved in policies of underwriting process. Excellent at communicating with clients. Computer literate, good judgment skills. Responsible for document analysis. Familiar with computer smart systems.
Met Life and Auto Insurance, Dallas, TX
2000 to present
Insurance Underwriter
Main responsibility includes information analysis in the insurance applications to find out whether the risk is acceptable or it will not harm to the company.
Hanover Insurance Group, Lake Mary, FL
Assistant Underwriter
Helped underwriters by gathering information on applicants and estimating routine applications in the presence of an experienced risk analyst.
Austin Community College, Austin, TX
B.A. in Business Administration, 1997
Accolades And Involvements
American Association of Insurance Professionals: Vice Chair, 2005

Financial Planner Resume Sample

This is examples of financial planner resume, use this financial planner resume sample to apply any financial planner jobs, or health planner jobs. Sample financial planner (health) resume consists job description whish is straightforward and understandable and bullet calls attention to candidate's achievements.

Financial Planner Resume Sample, Examples, Objectives, Template

Donna Hasan
123, Tibil Street
New York, NYC, 01234
(123) 456 789

Seeking for the challenging and rewarding position as a financial planner.
Summary of Qualifications
Detail oriented, organized, great communication and analytical skills, and deep knowledge and understanding of finances.
Northeastern Financial Consultants, Inc., Fernley, NV
2008 to present
Financial Planner Working as freelance with individual clients assisting them in allocating funds for investments, planning budgets, and creating plan for the future. 2006 to 2008
Financial Analyst Responsible for consulting with clients concerning their future and present investments and writing reports.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
B.A. Business and Finance, 2005
Accolades And Involvements
American Association of Financial Professionals
Performance Award for 2009

Financial Consultant Resume Samples

This is an example of financial consultant resume, get this financial consultant resume samples to apply any financial consultant jobs. In this sample financial consultant (general) resume, format draws attention to clearly stated objective and impressive GPA lends weight to educational background.

Financial Consultant Resume Samples, Examples, Objectives, Template

Cipintul Kaluku
123, Rogo Street
New York, NYC, 01234
(123) 456 789

To pursue a career as a financial consultant in a well known financial organization.
Professional Skill
Excellent analytical, mathematical, and problem solving skills. Ability to work independent as well as in team. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Confident and self motivated.
Professional Experience
Kaynet Capital Limited, Alliance, OH
Financial Consultant Offer guidance and analysis to individuals and businesses for investment. Evaluation of the economical performance of the company looking for the investment. Gather financial data, evaluate it and make suggestions. Assist person in taking investment decisions. Take care of all the matters related to finance for investment banks, security firms, insurance companies and business media. Perform responsibilities for selling and buying parties. Read carefully financial statements and analyze sales, prices, costs, tax rates and expenses. Sicom Finance Company, Avon Lake, OH
Financial Consultant Helped in choosing industries, products, and locations for investments. Predict financial risks and took preventive steps. Analyzed financial data by utilizing statistical software packages and spreadsheets. Utilized profitable techniques like legal implements, bill payment, and bankruptcy. Provide suggestions on how to enhance credit structure.
Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH Master's Degree in Finance Bachelor's Degree in Commerce
Additional Skills
Strong knowledge of computer software. American Finance Institute License.

Payroll Manager Resume Samples

This is a format of payroll manager resume, you can use this payroll manager resume samples to applying for any payroll manager jobs. Education is listed towards bottom of sample payroll manager resume because candidate's practical experience outweighs his/her degree and specific professional accomplishments are listed for each position held.

Payroll Manager Resume Samples, Format, Objectives, Example, Template

Jack Loganorz
123, Tilitil Street
New York, NYC, 01234
(123) 456 789

Dynamic and innovative professional in suggesting and implementing process improvements seeks for an opportunity to work as a payroll manager.
Strong analytical and communication skills. Strong knowledge of ADP HRB, ADP Pay eXpert, and other ADP outsourced services. Familiarity with PeopleSoft software. Efficient at MS Word and MS Excel. Wide experience in relationships, vendor management, and financial oversight of outsourcing agreements. Excellent financial, analytical and risk management skills. Detail oriented and multi-tasking. Excellent mathematical skills.
Mason Group, Sunnyvale, CA
Payroll Manager Responsible for processing bi-weekly and semi-monthly payrolls. Govern all year-end W-2 activities. Preparation of special reports for management using as-hoc and standard reports. Assure the proper processing of all fixed and voluntary deductions as well as liens, garnishments, and direct deposit requests. Act in response to verification and inquiries for unemployment and other payroll-related data. Primary liaison with accounting department. Accountants International, Wilmington, DE
Payroll Manager Accountable for high-volume, full-scale payroll functions. Processed multi-state and multi entity payroll. Managed whole payroll staff.
University of Delaware, DE
BS in Accounting.

Mortgage Underwriter Resume Samples

This is an example objectives of mortgage underwriter resume samples, you can use this mortgage underwriter resume samples for applying any mortgage underwriter jobs.

Mortgage Underwriter Resume Samples, Example, Template, Objectives

Todd Hermanz
123, Lazio Street
Houston, WA, 01234
(123) 456 789

To hold an employment as a mortgage underwriter to deliver best of my expert level proficiency to the reputed financial organization.
Professional Skills
Mortgage Loan Underwriting FHA VA Conventional Loan Sub Prime Underwriting Reviewing Financial Statements Underwriting Unifi SoftPro HUD-1 Settlements
Additional Skills
Ability to prioritize and organize functions on daily basis. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Familiar with fraud detection techniques, lending guidelines, mortgage industry, and loan renegotiating experience analyzing, reviewing, and underwriting complex or large individual consumer requests.
Aerotek Professional Services, Virginia Beach, VA
Mortgage Underwriting
Responsible for reviewing financial statements, applicable ratios, credit reports, examining and evaluating transitions to certain accuracy, fraud detection techniques, , report preparation, re-negotiation of loans, compliance review administration, providing performance feedback, communicating with customers, provide training and guidelines to junior staff.
S.S. Finance Company Ltd., Fairfax, VA
Mortgage Underwriter
Carried out confidential inquiry to check the information provided by the loan seeker. Managed the trusts, lending, investments, and mortgages. Confirmed the capability of client in returning the loan on time. Responsible for loan grants and their recovery on time.
Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA
Graduation degree in Finance
Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA
Graduation in Commerce.

Loan Servicer Resume Samples

This is an example of Loan Servicer Resume Samples, A loan servicer is public or private entities that collect, monitor and report loan payments, handling property tax, insurance escrows and late payments, credit forecloses failed, and remits payment,

Loan Servicer Resume Samples, Example, Template

Gregory Tahoma
123, Really Street
Dallas, TX, 01234
(123) 456 789

To pursue a career as a loan servicer in the well known financial organization that utilizes best of my skills and experience.
Professional Skill
Excellent communication ability. More than 4 years of commercial loan services experience. Capable to understand and carry out the loan related works.
Professional Experience
Parson Finance Consultancy, Glynn, GA
Loan Servicer Monitor property tax, take care of the insurance services and stop the defaulted loans. Accumulate, supervise and make the statement of loan payments. Recovery of the sanctioned loans. Send the payments. Make sure the fulfillment of financial legality. Assist the clients by approving their loans, manage the financial structure, ensure insurances and complete the processing of payment. Sicom Finance Company, Harris, GA
Loan Executive Reduced the losses and risks in the business that results in financial transactions. Managed the insurance budget of organization. Helped in loan grants and their recovery on time. Supervised and prohibited the flow of disbursement and cash receipts. Authorized loan, solicited business, and guided the investment if funds. Handled the trusts, lending, investments and mortgages.
College of Coastal Georgia, GA
Bachelor's Degree in Finance.

Loan Administrator Resume Sample

This is an example resume of loan administrators sample, you can use this loan administrator resume sample for free. The Loan Administration Specialist is responsible for providing administrative and secretarial support to the Senior Loan Officer and Loan Administration Department officers.

Loan Administrator Resume Sample, Example, Template

Jack Rowland
123, Takita Street
Dallas, TX, 01234
(123) 456 444

To acquire an employment as a loan administrator in a well known financial industry.
Professional Skill
More than four years of experience in commercial loan servicing. Strong interpersonal skills. Excellent communication skills. Capable to understand and complete loan related works.
Professional Experience
Swiss Finance Institute, Danville, IN
Loan Administrator Establish and keep good rapport with all the clients. Oversee foreign currency contract and transactions. Provide difficult financial products such as wealth management and banking services. Manage the financial structures and set up. Find out the solution of recovery problem. Provide loan structure and business plans. Global Finance Co., Carmel, IN
Loan Administrator Supervised and prohibited the flow of disbursement and cash receipts. Managed the insurance budget of organization. Reduced the losses and risks in the business that results in financial transactions. Helped in loan grants and their recovery on time. Handled the trusts, lending, investments and mortgages. Authorized loan, solicited business, and guided the investment if funds.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV Master's Degree in Finance Bachelor's Degree in Commerce
Additional Skills
Strong knowledge of computer software. Completed two years of course specialized in operations of structured finance from Great Basin College.

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Financial Analyst Resume Sample

You can use this Financial analyst resume sample, example, to applying nay financial analyst jobs.

Financial Analyst Resume Sample, Template, Example

Johan Sugara
123, Lakoda Street
Dallas, TX, 01234
(123) 456 789

Academic Background
University of California, San Diego, CA Achieved Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance (1994)
Computer Programming Skills
Operating Systems: Windows2000, Windows9X, Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows Vista. Office Package: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook Express. Knowledge of Lotus 1-2-3, IBM PC, WordStar, MS-Dos, and Lotus Macros.
Professional Excellence Summary
More than 5 years of broad experience in the financial market. Ability to deal with various customers, employees and staff members. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Able to set up priorities and take quick decisions and apply them to meet the deadline. Self motivated. Easily adjustable to innovative tasks and concepts.
Professional Background
Global Trust Bank Ltd, St. Helena, CA
Corporate Accounting Analyst (2004 - Present) Accountable for analyzing and preparing fund and income statements, salary schedules, and balance sheets for S5 billion company and subsidiaries. Examine balance sheets, fund and income statement key ratios by making use of trend reports and prepare gap details as well. Yearly compile 15k Central Reserve, analyst reports, and organization. Pioneer Bank & Trust, San Carlos, CA
Intern (2000-2003) Carefully managed the servicing of depositor's accounts having amount exceeding $50,000. Maintain customer care relations, book keeping, and verification of checks. Corn Belt Bank, San Jose, CA
Relationship Analyst (1995-1999) In charge of managing documents, researched papers and financial reports for helping quantitative analysis and estimation of the bank's association with international contacts.
Financial Analyst Resume Sample

Credit Manager Resume Sample

If you are applying any credit manager jobs, so perhaps you will need this credit manager resume sample, example,template. In this sample credit manager resume, specific dates of employment (month and year) are ideal for candidates with no gaps in work history and percentages and dollar amount quantify candidate's accomplishments.

Credit Manager Resume Sample, Example, Template, Objective

Janc Von Kuero
123, Lali Street
Dallas, TX, 01234
(123) 456 789

Career Goal
To obtain an interview to serve as a credit manager in the growth oriented organization.
Work Experience
J M Financial Ltd, Helena, MT
Credit Manager (2006 - Present) Accountable for handling minimal sales while controlling bad debit, DSO, credit policy, cash flow, and department costs. Provide guidance to the fifteen employees in collection and credit activities of $20 million in terrific receivables. McKinsey & Co., Whitefish, MT
Collections Manager (2002 - 2006) Accountable for the fifteen recruits in the collection of 125,000 accounts. Offered customer service to these accounts as well as answered inquiries and complaints from the customers. Maximized payroll savings through control on costs of operations.
Remarkable Achievements
Certification of NYNEX Mobile Communications. Certification in CMO Management Skills McKinsey Employee of the month of 5 distinct occasions.
University of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics (2002)

Credit Manager Resume Sample

Credit Analyst Resume Sample

If you want to apply for credit analyst jobs, so here is  credit analyst resume sample, example, template, statistics and dollar figures quantify candidate's accomplishments and professional memberships show commitment to field.

Credit Analyst Resume Sample, Example, Template, Objective

Carl Furman
123, Ellis Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 789

Educational Background
Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX
Jones Graduate School of Management, Houston, TX
Master of Business Administration in Finance
Specialization papers include: Global Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance and Reporting, Capital Market and International Finance.
Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Accounting and Finance
Computer Skills
Office Package: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook Express. Operating Systems: Windows2000, Windows9X, Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows Vista. Knowledge of Lotus 1-2-3, IBM PC, and MS-Dos.
Summary of Qualifications
Over ten years of working experience in retail banking and commercial lending. Ability to analyze financial statements. Trained at financial and credit study. Fluency in Dutch and efficiency to speak and write in German.
Professional Background
Wells Fargo Bank, TX
2006 - Present
Commercial Loan Credit Analyst
Responsible for offering services on regular basis as part of loan department.
Evaluation of monetary and financial statements and documents.
Increase cash flow projections and pro-forma documents.
Identifying necessary documents and certificates and manage the person and recommendations of autonomous for giving way credits for business lenders.
2003 - 2006
Senior Personnel Banker
Handled administration of the branch efficiently.
Supervised the branch's overdraft project reports.
Examine and apply consumer loans.
Audit all the tellers and monitored the vault section as well as provided better customer services.
2001 - 2003
Personal Banker
Helped corporate lender in area office on a rotating commercial loan monthly.
Creating and servicing accounts of special customers.

Credit Analyst Resume Sample

Collections Officer Resume Sample

If you are going to apply any collections ofiicer jobs,  i think you should need this collections officer resume sample, emphasizes candidate's strong work history and limited education is strengthened by listing applicable course work.

Collections Officer Resume Sample, Example, Template, Objective

Dhany Rogan
123, DD Street
Boston, NYC, 01234
(123) 456 789

Seeking for the rewarding position as a collection officer in an apparent organization.
Professional Skills
Proficient at Capable of collecting delinquent accounts. Ability to take legal action against any offensive activity. Follow and enforce the law.
Professional Experience
20XX - Present
Keane Inc., Caroll, MD
Collection Officer
Responsible for making field collections and handle other relevant duties. Gather the information on location and assets. Maintain good relationship with clients, debtors, pther sources and attorneys. Carry out the field works for seizure, collections and sale of property. Evaluate the present situation and status of every case and suggest proper action to be taken. 19XX - 20XX
Global Finance Company, Baltimore, MD
Collection Officer
Received and reviewed accounts to verify assets. Responsible for payment scheduling and create contact with the sources to locate debtor. Give explanation about the obligations, legal steps, and obtained the payments.
University of Maryland, MD Master's Degree in Business Administration (19XC) Bachelor's Degree in Commerce (19XD)
Collections Officer Resume Sample

Chief Financial Officer Resume Samples

If you are searching for the best for applying any CFO jobs, you need a good chief financial officer resume samples which in this sample, employment history provides brief job summaries while highlighting specific accomplishments and chronological format illustrates a clear path.

Chief Financial Officer Resume Samples, Template, Examples

Aaron Lagoe
123, Tibil Street
Kabare, MO, 01234
(123) 456 789


Looking for the rewarding position as a chief financial officer in an apparent organization.

Professional Skills

Proficient at 

  • Financial reporting

  • Fundamental record keeping

  • Financial reporting

Professional Experience

20XX - Present
Keane Inc., Centre, AL
Chief Financial officer

  • Taking care of the financial and managerial responsibilities.

  • Reporting to the management authorities.

  • Responsible for prominent financial planning and detailed financial record keeping.

  • Bring an improvement and keep the financial standard.

  • Handle all the financial budget and expenditure.

  • Supervise several financial issues, meet the requirements, make financial management policies, and control complete operation of the company.


Master of Business Administration from University of Alabama in 19XC.

Chief Financial Officer Resume Samples

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Staff Auditor Resume Sample

If you are finding a staff auditor jobs, perhaps you should use this staff auditor resume sample, example, template and cover letter.

Staff Auditor Resume Sample, Example, Template, Description

Carl Jinaka
123, Ellis Street
Dallas, TX, 01234
(123) 456 789

To obtain a position as a staff auditor in a growth oriented organization to contribute my skills and experience.
Professional Skills
Excellent communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills. Multitasking. Better communication.
Professional Experience
S. S. Finance Consultant Pvt Ltd, Dallas, TX
Staff Auditor (20XX - Present) Assist higher officials in providing best audit services. Conduct operational and financial audits. Analyze, evaluate, and create the working environment encouraging. Conduct interviews and research, make detailed investigation, and collect the data for analysis. Take care of all the fieldwork audits. Arrange the financial committee's meetings to discuss the project. Collection of audit related information and then files the reports. For accomplishing the audit develop the risk control formulas. Explain the MD of the most recent developments and new findings.
Midwestern State University, TX
Master's degree in Commerce (19XD)
Jacksonville College, Jacksonville, TX
Graduation in Management Information Systems (19XC)
Additional Skill
Widespread knowledge of Computer software.
Staff Auditor Resume Sample

Stock Broker Resume Sample

If you need the best example of stock broker resume sample, template, summary, objective, etc, so we have a simple best resume sample for it.

Stock Broker Resume Sample, Template, Example, Summary

Kobayashi Rocker
123, Tam Street
Dallas, TX, 01234
(123) 456 789

Dynamic and assertive individual seeking for a challenging position as a stock broker.
Qualificational Summary
Progressive experience of more than 2 tears in the financial field. Brokerage License, series 6 & 65. Ability to acquire long term and instant goals and meet operation deadlines. Improved interpersonal abilities. Ability to work well even in the stressful environment.
Pofessional Experience
Bagchee Associates, Dallas, TX
Fund Accountant Commercial paper buying for private accounts. Reporting to traders and portfolio managers on investment cash availability. Report/monitor portfolio security changes. Keep record of interest/dividend payments and track bonds and stocks. Preparing and analyzing performance reports for shareholders and board of directors, using market invoices. Interact with banks and brokers relating to trade settlements. Prepare audit papers, help public accountants, book accounting transactions (securities, shares, receipts, expenses, dividends and disbursements). Responsible for comparing industry status.
Educational Details
B.A., Accounting Finance, 1987
One year abroad, 1984
Computer Skills
Shaw Data and Lotus 1-2-3.
Available upon request.

Stock Broker Resume Sample, Template, Example, Summary


Tax Inspector Resume Samples

Tax Inspector Resume Samples

If you want to apply for Tax Inspector jobs, In this sample tax inspector resume samples, education is omitted due to candidate's extensive work experience and its format is neat and professional.

Tax Inspector Resume Samples, Examples, Template

Jack Sparrow
123, Ellis Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 789

To obtain a strong and challenging position of a tax inspector in the tax department that utilizes best of my professional efficiencies.
Professional Skill
Good at written and verbal communication. Outstanding communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills. Multitasking.
Professional Experience
West Virginia State Tax Department, Bluefield, VA
Tax Inspector Make sure that the clients pay the exact amount of tax on time. Give enough information and suggestion to the individuals. Find out tax dodging and bring it into the notice of panel. Verify the information provided by the individuals and other businesses. Help the people in knowing their tax obligations. Finding out the way of the operations of the finances of a business by looking into it. Conduct the inquiry by examining accounts.
Master's Degree in Management Information Systems from Bluefield State College. Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from West Virginia State University.
Additional Skills
Strong knowledge of Computer software.

Vice President Of Finance Resume Sample

Vice President Of Finance Resume Sample

This is an example of Vice President Of Finance Resume Sample, The VP of Finance is responsible for all budgeting and financial reporting to include project and indirect planning. They will supervise the Program Control department which directly supports various program managers. There are currently 3 individuals in that department. Here it is Vice President Of Finance Resume Sample and Example.

Vice President Of Finance Resume Example, Sample, Template

Pamela Rodriguez
445, Sikutan Street,
Dallas, TX, 01234,
(099) 456 789.


PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
V.P.-Finance :

  • Presented managerial guidance to the firm. .

  • Manage all legal, tax and insurance contracts.

  • Created full-system merging with the commercial office

  • Increased company profit sharing, and further profit plans.

  • Investigated, planned, and launched a manufacturing plan in less than 7 weeks.

  • Directed in the development of strategic plans, and related business strategy to grow company 100% in 3yr time span.

H.J. Heinz Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Finance Manager :

  • Administered four exempt and four non-exempt employees.

  • Organized financial consolidations, analysis, budgeting, acquisition and divestiture support.

  • Improved levels of management responsibility :- financial accounting, budgeting, credit collection, and analysis, for a 4 billion dollar global manufacturing company.

Jameil Jones Systems
Cost Accounting Manager :

  • Supervised staff of four nonexempt employees.

  • Urbanized cost systems for 8 manufacturing branches and two construction divisions.

  • Reviewed and approved standard costs, transfer prices, budgets, physical inventory valuation and cost estimates.

  • Had been a Key member of negotiation team and audit controller for the divestiture program that includes these divisions.

Crichton Co.,CPA's
Staff Accountant :

  • Monitored and evaluated subordinate accountants.

  • Carried out the study of internal control and also did compliance testing.

  • Arranged financial statements, postscript, and additional tax and financial information.


Management and Treasury :

  • Effectively established a new operating branch in 5 weeks.

  • Originate and run a successful contract manufacturing corporation.

  • Offered significant shareholder assistance in tax and financial planning.

  • Improved investment guidelines, banking relations, and cash planning programs.

  • Developed a broad risk management program that enhanced coverage and minimized expenditure.


New York University, New York
B.A. Accounting, May 1978

Vice President Of Finance Resume Sample

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Tax Accountant Resume Sample

This is a tax accountant resume example, and template with highlights contribution, of candidate's achievements, career and strong educational qualifications.

Tax Accountant Resume Sample, Example, Template

Macromy Diaberto
575, Smarty Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 789

Accomplished, as well resourceful executive with extensive experience in all aspects of the financial accounting for top manufacturing and financial companies. Established a proven record of success in building, efficient cost-effective operations.
Tax Accountant

Arrange and file necessary credentials with the IRS(Internal Revenue Service) for a taxpayer. Conceived a special tax structure resulting in $7.25 million of savings in Federal tax in sale of subsidiary. Implemented policies and procedures to ensure compliance with new tax. Represented a taxpayer at conferences, meetings, or hearing with IRS. Assistant Treasurer (1987 to 1992)
Maintained all banking and credit facilities for customers and employees. Applied controls to assure the utilization of "terms" on accounts payable. Processed membership payments and all records of the accounts. Prepared annual budget in consideration with the board. NAAB AND COMPANY PC : 1985 to 1987
Federal Tax Manager

Handled all aspects of taxation including tax compliance, capital, tax planning, gains policies and audit declaration. Minimize any tax liabilities. Analyze and monitor all tax accounts.
BONDER, GERALD P & COMPANY : 1979 to 1985
Tax Analyst

Hired at the start as an Internal Accountant, was rapidly advance to Financial Analyst and subsequently to Tax Analyst.
Boston University.
Bachelor of Science in Accounting May 1979
Hult International Business School.
Master of Science of Taxation, May 1983
Master of Business Administration in Finance, May, 1987

Professional Accountant Resume Sample

Professional Accountant Resume Sample

This Professional Accountant Resume Sample contains details of a candidate having experience and qualification at a professional level since highlighted carefully.

Professional Accountant Resume Sample, Template, Example

John Wang
253 College Hall,
Claymont, Delaware.
(201) 555 2938

Seeking a job for long term opportunity in business institution, where my professional experience, qualification, and skills would be helpful to the growth of my employer and myself.
Certified Public Accountant of Florida. University of Florida. Business Administration, August 2002. Major in finance, 2004. MBA in finance, July 2006. Computer software : Excel, power point, FoxPro.Languages : French, German, English(fluent).
Financial planning. Accounting policies & procedures. Auditing and taxation. Capital and operating budget.
Feb 2006 - current : Senior Consultant - Financial Services:
Determine the functions and operations in Equity Loans service. Implementing internal control assessment for a quasi-government. Working on a new accounting policy to tackle the correction and adjustment process of financial statements. Jan 2004 - Dec 2006 : Accounting Manager: Responsible for monthly accounting processes, journal entries. Provide management reports. Develop & document accounting policies. Manage and teach staff of 5 to make sure that all financial information is processed accurately in a timely manner. May 2005 - Oct 2006 : Senior Financial Analyst, Florida: Assisted the external group with the quarterly yield analyses. Team lead of the implementation of a customer service survey. Obtained major role in special projects that include capital reconciliation for joint ventures.

Restaurant Management Accountant Resume

This resume sample contains details of a candidate having experience and qualification at a professional level since highlighted carefully.

Restaurant Management Accountant Resume Sample, Example, Template

Rondho Sampikun
540, Great Road,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 01234
(567) 794 123.

Gain a position as Management Accountant.
University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Bachelor of Science in Accounting, May 1993.
Dean's List Student-GPA: 3.1-Honors Internship Program
Executive Vice-President/Fundraising Chairman :-
Arranged special activities that raised over $15,000. Escorted the meetings and coordinated activities. Acted as link between faculty and campus public. Served as a team head in Boy's Champion Club.
Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect 5.1, dBase+, Real world Accounting Package
1992 to Present PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Management Accountant
Managed accounting operations and accounts payable department. Ensured use of correct accounts payable control factors. Reconciled bank and credit card accounts. Reviewed the general ledger and made adjustments for internal management transactions. Arranged road tax papers for trucks throughout the state. Supervise inventory transmissions among branch locations.
1988 to 1991 PPG INDUSTRIES, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Manager/Pay Phone Technician
Offered administration, presentation estimation and guidance to technical staff of 6 assigned authority's to collect revenues while maintaining equipment. Accept bank accounts and handled secretarial record keeping. Carried out business and technical activities.
1989 to 1992 H.J. HEINZ COMPANY, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Directed allowance activities for consecutive seasons, including bank account resolution, financial record keeping, and food preparation. Directly supervised staff of 20 employees.
Achieved Black Belt, Karate Championship.
Uechi Karate Academy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania .Tennis. Hockey

Entry Level Accounting Resume Sample

Entry Level Accounting Resume Sample

Entry Level Accounting resume example, you can modify this template to continue as you want. This beautiful Entry Level Accounting resume sample have been arranged with an appropriate title, underlined, and the contents of the most important of candidate resumes are stored thick that make it attractive and easy to catch.

Entry Level Accounting Resume Sample, Example, Template

Mike Campretico
253 College Hall,
Claymont, Delaware.
(201) 555 2938

To obtain position in the accounting field in Delaware.
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, May 28, 2006. Delaware Money School, Green Street, Claymont, DE. Professional Degree (ICWA), April 26, 2007. Master Degree (Articleship with FCA), May 20, 2008.
Tally, MS Office, FCA. Complete knowledge of finance and accounts & up to finalizations of books of accounts.
Accounting Intern : August 2005.
Reviewed and makes accounting entries, Facilitated financial planning.
Accounting Clerk : June 2006 - Feb 2007.
Maintained accounting transactions. Deal with Debtors/Creditors for A/c Reconciliation. Finalization of books of Accounts. Billing Co-coordinator : March 2007 - April 2008.
Handled customer accounts and billings.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Resume Sample

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Resume Sample

This sample certified public accountant resume / CPA resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized accounting resume for your job application.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Resume Sample, Template, Example

Robby Tumewu
65, Losty Road
Salt Lake, Utah. 01234
(122) 576 797

Jan, 1988 to present. JourneyTEAM, UT.
Accounting Manager : Performing basic business record keeping, auditing and also do consulting work. Control general ledger closing and opening balances, and maintenance. Supervise and analyze all areas of accounting and finance. Implemented software's for accounting, payroll and manufacturing departments.
March, 1982 to Dec, 1987 Larson & Company.
Senior Intemal Auditor :
Operated managerial and financial audits of manufacturing companies. Implemented audit programs to check the effectiveness of all aspects of accounting measures. Suggested some changes and development to corporate and divisional management. Taught and supervised staff auditors in all features of the audit engagement. Helped corporate management in acquisition and commercial development.
May, 1980 to March, 1982 American Express.
Supervising Senior Accountant :
Planned, organized, and gone through budgeting of audit engagements. Arranged tax filings, and financial statements. Reported directly to management, and recommended for enhancement. Recruited, trained, supervised and evaluated staff accountants. Increased experience from client assignments, including those in manufacturing, and nonprofit industries. Proficiency in using spreadsheet, and word.
CPA, LDS Business College Institute, Salt Lake City, UT.
Bachelor of Science, Accountancy, May 1980.
Associate in Science, Management, May 1978.

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Budget Analyst Resume Sample

It is a free sample of budget analyst sample resume, job details are systematically arranged using bullets and numbering which can be highly preferable.

Budget Analyst Resume Sample

Adam Charles
680, Town Street
Los Angeles, CA 06237
(159) 462389

Los Angeles, CA
Feb 1991-Present Golden Life Insurance Company
Examined the budget and searched for innovative ways to improve efficiency and increase companies profit. Helped management in preparing budget. Conducted training session for upper-level management on the financial system. Prepare comparison of expense to budget reports for executives
Los Angeles, CA
6/87-2/91 The Pacific
Prepared agreement proposals and descriptive expenditure calculations. Prepared plans and actions for investment based on financial analyses. Perform budget, cost and credit analysis. Assured correctness of the database. Issued bonds to repay debt.
Managed mutual funds for 70 business clients. Generated journal entries and trial balance. Maintained, compared and reconciled the fund on three computer systems. Communicated with other departments, field personnel, and clients. Prepared financial statements like balance sheet, profit and loss accounts. Guided system analysts regarding implementation of a new computer system.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance
Swimming, crafts, traveling, and reading.

Bookkeeping Clerk Resume Sample

This is a bookkeeper clerk resume highlights continuous career development and bold, facing and underlining scheme draws attention to key information.Bookkeeping clerks add, subtract, multiply, and divide many numbers each day.

Bookkeeping Clerk Resume Sample, Example, Template

Henry Smith
008, Ellis Street
(123) 456 789.

To obtain a challenging position in bookkeeping Clerk
BB&T, Norfolk
Bookkeeping clerk, 1996-Present.
Prepare general ledger and investors' monthly reports. Oversee accounts receivable and accounts payable staff to ensure accuracy of accounts. Monitor payroll taxes and on-time payments. Maintain company's daybook and ledgers.
SunTrust Business Banking.
Bookkeeping Clerk, 1993-1995.
Supervised general ledger through trial balance, accounts payable, receivable and payroll tax returns. Used computerized software for calculating and recording data. Prepare and verify bank deposits.
Accounts Receivable Clerk, 1991-1993.
Check transactions related to financial policies and procedures. Received and verified invoices and applications of goods and services. Distributed monthly financial reports. Maintained up to date vendor files and numbers.
West Virginia University. Done Accounting Courses, 1987-1988.
Master Insurance and Risk Management, Norfolk, 1988-1997

General Bookkeeper Resume Sample

Being general bookkeeper is not easy, thus why you need to use a good general bookkeeper resume sample and cover letter when you are go to apply for the job.

General Bookkeeper Resume Sample, Example, Template

Ramandani Lali Terus
230, Ellis Street
Lowell, MA, 01245
( 365)6808.

To contribute my bookkeeping and office management skills to an organization offering opportunity for improvement.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS
Have almost 3 years experience in office management and book-keeping. Assigned work to the staff and motivated them in increasing effectiveness and profit margin. Developed intellectual and communication skills, to deal with staff members and professionals, clients. Able to set valuable priorities to complete urgent and long-term goals and meet operational deadlines. Easily capture new roles and responsibilities.

1992-Present Raymond James Financial Services, Lowell.
Supervised employees, and team members regarding their accounts. Provided customer service and resolve thier queries if any. Go through cash intake/reconciliation, order placement and bookkeeping.
1989-1992 Referral financial LLC.
Office Manager,
Supervised business activities and retail processing. Followed student hours; prepared job postings. Maintained inventory. Operated IBM compatible word processing system.
1986-1988 Ameriprise Financial
Verification/Payables Clerk
Verify invoices, database and check books. Monitor loans and accounts to make sure that the payments are up to the mark Support in dealing out with Accounts Receivable. 1984-1986 TD Banknorth, Lowell.
Handled cash transactions and customer service.EDUCATION
1984-1985 Merrimack College, MA.
MA in Accounting and Management.COMPUTERS
Proficient in Macintosh and IBM compatible, Word.

Agency Bookkeeper Resume Sample

Agency Bookkeeper Resume Sample

This is absoluterly a great agency bookkeeper resume sample, In this sample bookkeeper (agency) resume, specify candidate's ability to handle work overload and summary of qualifications indicates his/her accomplishments.

Agency Bookkeeper Resume Sample

Cienta Kamila
686, Lolita Street
(489) 456 668

To obtain a challenging career opportunity in Accounting and Bookkeeping.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS
More than 10 years experience in Bookkeeping and accounting. Able to negotiate in dealing with professionals, staff members and clients/customer. Aware of importance of meeting deadlines. Maintain accuracy and efficiency in work-flow. Knowledge of computer applications. EXPERIENCE May,1990-Present Agency Bookkeeper
Handle cash payments. Verify invoices, and generate weekly checks. Go through General Ledger, and checking maintenance of for agency accounts. Maintain up-to-date bank balances, keep records of the accounts, prepare and maintain monthly invoices to state and public contractors. June, 1989-April, 1990 Voucher Bookkeeper
Maintain organizations record keeping. Prepare reports and financial statements for supervisors and managers. Prepare and verify bank deposits, balancing receipts and sending cash, checks or other terms of payment. Monitor loans and accounts to make sure that the payments are up to the mark.
Assistant Bookkeeper
Handle payroll processing, prepare invoices, purchases done and also keep an eye on overdue accounts.
Tacoma Washington Accounting   Finance.
Part-time Bookkeeper
Used computerized system to calculate and record data.EDUCATION
Associate Degree in Accounting, 1986
Bachelor of Arts Degree, Teaching/Education (equivalent)

Billing Supervisor Resume Sample

Billing Supervisor Resume Sample

Don't miss this Billing Supervisor Resume Sample, Example, Template, specify candidate's ability to handle work overload and summary of qualifications indicates his/her accomplishments.

Billing Supervisor Resume Sample, Example, Template

John L Brock
808 Advert Lane,
Birmingham, AL-36346.
(123) 456 789

Birmingham, AL Synovus FinancialSep 1988 to Present BILLING SUPERVISOR
Implemented invoice system for reimbursement departmental earnings. Establish Accounts Receivable system by means of data Central and Lotus. Administered each day preparation of statements and monthly banking activities.
June 1986 to Nov 1988 CONTROL ACCOUNTANT
Observe day-today transactions for Mutual Fund Department. Recognized and submitted net changes in fund, daily share positions.
Birmingham, AL Harbert Management Corporation Nov 1985 to July 1986 CASH CONTROLLER
Checked inward shipments of coin and currency. Handled huge cash orders from and companies banks. Filed out currency transaction reports.
Mar 1985 to Oct 1985 FOREIGN TELLER Bought and sold foreign travelers checks and currencies. Carried out wire transfers. Typed and printed bank draft. Kept details of exchange rates.
July 1984 to April 1985 COMMERCIAL TELLER Cashed and deposited customer checks. Gave training to new tellers. Trained supervisor about automatic teller machines. Confirmed signature of business and individual customers. Typed cashier and licensed checks.

Miles College from 1985 to Present


Jefferson State Community College (UAB).
A.S., ACCOUNTING Major in accounting, 1985.TECHNICAL SKILLS
Experience in certification stamp protechtograph machine. Regis cope. CRT and , data entry. Proficient in Lotus.

Assistant Portfolio Manager Resume Sample

Assistant Portfolio Manager Resume Sample

This is a sample, example, and template for assistant portfolio manager resume. Easy to use and The best we have includes course work that corresponds to the position desired and work history is stated in reverse chronological order, with most recent employment listed first.

Assistant Portfolio Manager Resume Sample

Alvin Greener
75, Tomb Park Road
Denver, CO.
(644) 456 789

Seek new challenges in Finance, where appropriate education, experience and analytical skills would be operated and developed.CAREER HISTORY
OPERA COLORADO, Denver, Colorado. (1990-Present )
Assistant Portfolio Manager
Make sure that all account funds are fully invested and requests related to transactions are satisfied in a timely and particular manner. Personally responsible for portfolio of 18 accounts. Maintain cash flow analysis and verify/submit quarterly reports to clients. Preserve stocks and bonds research files; evaluate and select municipal bond offered by Brokers. Interact with bank and internal trade branch. Post - Modern Co., Denver, CO. (1989-1990)
Promotional Sales Representative Established new business and new accounts follow-up and the prerequisite of detailed service and pricing details. North American Title company, Denver, CO. (1988-1990)
Assistant Campaign Manager Assisted in the expansion and execution of appraisal programs; set up and coordinated people in raising funds.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Management/Finance, January, 1988.
Course work included: Management Information Systems
Financial Accounting
Data Processing Statistics
Money and Banking
Managerial Accounting
Stock Market Investments
International Economics
Monetary Management
Served VTA Advisory Board as Assistant Budget Analyst. Reviewed budget proposals from various departments; broke down and analyzed previous budgets, verified figures and made recommendations to Budget Director based on results.

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Billing Clerk Resume Sample

Are you eeking for clerk or billing clerk resume; then don't miss this page. In this sample billing clerk resume, valuable skills are highlighted and work experience is stressed. Please feel free to follow the accounting resume sample

Billing Clerk Resume Sample, Example, Template

Ebony Shallman
123, Camparo Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 789

Professional experience includes the following areas: Supervise, prioritize and coordinate in work-flow of the organization. Does billing and collecting delinquent accounts. Resolve clients/customers problems and queries. knowledge of insurance and credit controls. SKILLS:
IBM and Wang PC's. Lotus 1-2-3. Tesseract TELEX terminals. typing. calculator. EXPERIENCE:
Billing Clerk (1992-Present)
Process billing, calculating interest and fine charges. Answer customer problems, inquiries, and complaints if any. Generate and prepare month wise cash flow reports. Process all procedures and collect delinquent accounts. Work as Supervisor when required, prioritize and coordinate office work flow. THE PRAGMATIC INSURANCE COMPANY, Manchester, MA
Administrative Technician - Service Bureau, Group Administration (1988-1992)
Provided various services to customers, examined accounts and informed customers of their monthly charges and payment. Done monthly payment processing. Organized and kept monthly register. COMMERCIAL REPORTS   TITLE AGENCY, Nashua, NH
Manager (1984-1988)
Take interviews, hire, give training and supervise employees of the organization. Traveled throughout the state, to complete credit reports and supervised field staff. Provided information to the clients regarding any mortgage or title insurance questions. EDUCATION:
Pennsbury High School, Levittown, PA - Diploma (1976)

Internal Auditor Resume Sample

This is a sample internal auditor resume that suggests the necessary skills, responsibilities, abilities and experience required by a person to be an internal auditor. In this sample auditor (internal) "certification" heading draws attention to candidate's specific professional accounting qualifications and specific dates of employment reflect candidate's rapid career advancement.

Internal Auditor Resume Sample

Rocky Molloner
ABC Street Villa.
Kent, Ohio.57660
(129) 354 587.

VORHEES MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, Kent, Ohio(May 1990 to present).
Senior Internal Auditor :
Accomplish conference with client management and provide successful presentations. Make associations with clients. Help in the growth of internal audit curriculum for specific client appointments. Revealed a concrete understanding of internal audit's responsibilities. Handled several clients and projects.
SUGAR AND SPICE APPAREL, Gambier, Ohio (Jan 1989 to April 1990).
Staff Accountant
Took part in auditing client company's financial statements.
JAMESTOWN OIL CORPORATION, Houston, Texas (June 1983 to Jan 1989).
Operations Auditor
Carried out operational audits. Note down audit agenda for different companies.
Micah, Saudi Arabia (Nov 1983 to Oct 1986).
Project Auditor
Audited and managed salary of constructors engaged in building 34 pipelines. Completed the work of construction in time and within the budget specified.
Houston, Texas. (6/83 to 11/83)
Operations Auditor Trainee
Execute service station audits and area wise functional audits. EDUCATION
Currently joined part-time MBA program
Bachelor in Business Administration, 1983
Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations.CERTIFICATION
Certified Public Accountant Examination in1990. Pennsylvania.
Certified Internal Auditor Examination in May, 1989

Audit IRS Resume Sample

Job objective is supported by the details and events stated in sample auditor audit IRS resume and summary of qualifications highlights candidate's skills in brief.

Audit IRS Resume Sample, Example, Template

Robbert Waworonto
67, West Lane
Nashville, Tennessee. 01234
(134) 284 777.

A challenging position within the fields of Tax Accounting or Investment.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS
Detailed knowledge of individual income, employment and excise tax rules and regulations. Skilled in organizing individual and service tax returns. Expert level knowledge in bookkeeping and accountancy. Problem-solving skills.
Taxpayer Service Representative (Oct 1989 to Present)
ORECK CORPORATION, Nashville, Tennessee.
Resolve client inquiries, on the subject of tax filing procedures for individual income and trade. Clarify various bills, give notices to taxpayers and arrange prepayment agreement. Keep awareness of current IRS tax documents, enforcement policies, notices, forms, regulations, Service institute and policies.
Intern (Jan 1989 to May 1989)
Worked on computer. Transfer trades and carry out general office and receptionist job. Sales Intern - China Department (Summer 1988)
PINNACLE FINANCE, Nashville, Tennessee Did inventory control and provided training to employees. Grant customer service and determined consumer and departmental complaints. Put displays and initiate sale of commodities. Ticket Salesperson (Summer 1987)
BUDGIE BUS TOURS, Nashville, Tennessee Kept bookkeeping records, deposited cash and made resolution of customer complaints. Broke the 10 years record of selling highest tickets.
Nashville, Tennessee American Baptist College
Bachelor of Arts Degree: Management, May 1989

Audit Manager Resume Samples

This  audit manager resume sample, example, template, will give layout for building the best resume for your Dream Job. An Audit Manager role has come in a leading retail business. This position works in a large and respected team. Reporting to senior manager of individuals will be responsible for audit planning and reporting in their areas of focus. Although this position in the team, all auditors are expected to work independently and will manage relationships with line managers across the business.

Audit Manager Resume Samples, Example, Template

Van Diesel
123, Ellis Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 789

Work as Audit Manager with my best understanding of functional responsibilities and my past experience.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS
Expert in Auditing and taxation. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English Accuracy in learning Accounting concepts. Good knowledge of using Microsoft Office tools i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Have also got certification and expertise in Financial Accounting.
1998-Present Auditing ManagerAccounting Plus, Boston.
Suggested Accounting Plus in establishing Accounting System. Measured all financial operations like financial statements, expenses, and requests. Introduced internal control mechanism for various investment policies.
1996-1998 Staff Accountant Naab & Company PC, Boston, MA. Explained complex issues to the staff. Monitored accuracy and timely transmission of monthly financial statements Helped in establishing a computerized Accounting Software. Staff Member of Management Information Systems. Prepare journal entries and account reconciliation, documenting and evaluating current procedures.
BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Boston, Bachelor in Accounting, 1995.

Actuarial Analyst Resume Sample

This free actuarial analyst resume sample, example, template, will help you to be the number one candidate for the Actuarial Analyst job.

Actuarial Analyst Resume Sample

Eva Bonita
135, Ellis Street
Peoria, Arizona. 01234
(123) 456 789

A challenging position which efficiently utilizes professional experience, analytical skills, and dedication to success.
1988 to present: Simwey financial, Peoria.
Actuarial Analyst
Determine liabilities, and prepare forecasts for largest financial company in Arizona. Analyzed payment experience, and enrollment statistics for upper management. Run accurate statistical information and reports. Calculated monthly unpaid liabilities and refundable liabilities for corporation. Report directly to principal auditor. Utilized computerized system to carry out necessary information. 1985 to1988 : Citi Financial.
Computer Operator
Operated IBM 360 Computer to run variety of jobs for wholesale medical supply distributor.
University of Arizona,
Associates Degree in Business Administration (1988)
Knowledge of IBM-based systems.
Software includes: Lotus 1-2-3, Multimate. dBase III Plus, FORTRAN, Pascal.
Boating, skiing, backgammon.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Resume Sample

Use this Accounts Receivable Resume example with objective, skills and experience as a sample to create your own job winning resume.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Resume Sample, Examples, Template

Markus Taylorz
1482 Gateway Road
Portland, OR 97220
Tel# (123)-254-9174
E-mail: marcus@resumesamples.info

Job Objective : Seeking a position as Accounts Receivable Clerk in highly reputed and professional organization.

Summary of Professional Qualifications

Vast experience in Accounts Receivables and general accounting
Deep knowledge of accounting and general ledger system
Proficient with Quick Books, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Good understanding of accounting functions, A/P, A/R, and basic account reconciliation
Ability to check figures, postings and documents
Ability to generate and maintain receivables reports
Ability to code documents according to company procedures

Work Experience

Accounts Receivable Clerk, 2009 - Present
Alpha Baking Inc - Chicago, IL

Posted unidentified cash receipts to specific division
Reviewed accounts to ensure the safekeeping of invoice records
Created billing for due clearance.
Identified and reconciled accounts receivable issues
Answered and resolved customers’ enquiries over phone
Ensured that entered items have the correct job codes to pay clients

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, 2009
Langston University, Langston, OK
GPA 3.76 (on scale of 4.0)


Available upon request

General Accounting Manager Resume Samples

If you are finding for this, so this is General Accounting Manager Resume Samples, Examples, Template.  A newly set up shared service company is in need of General Accounting Manager. The person will supervise the Month end and AR reconciliation and balance sheet recon. Thus, will develop process documentations. Develop and maintain GA scorecards.

General Accounting Manager Resume Samples, Examples, Template

Bill Grid
173, Pecos Road
Nevada, LV.
(123) 456 789


1990-Present Town and country bank, Nevada.
General Accounting Manager : Supervised 4 accountants, to manage accounts payable, fixed assets, cash, and payroll functions. Prepared monthly and quarterly accounting and employee benefits reports. Monitored licensing agreements. Examined monthly reports and annual capital budgets.
1986-90. Cost Accounting Manager :
Arrange monthly manufacturing accounting report. Administered 4 cost accountants. Patented product royalties calculation and payment. Maintained general written and verbal communication to deal with operations, upper management and staff people.
1984-86 The Raisty Group, Nevada, LV.
Senior Financial Analyst : Monitored annual budget preparation of departmental budgets. Prepared financial details for use by internal management and parent company management.
1982-84 Staff Accountant.
Audited and prepared tax returns for real estate developers and limited partnerships.
University of Nevada, Nevada, LV, 1982
Master of Business Administration degree in Finance.
Nevada, State College, Nevada, LV, 1980
Bachelor of Arts degree: major in Accounting, minor in Business Administration.
Passed all four parts of the Certified Public Accountant exam. May 1981.
National Society of Certified Public Accountants, October 1981-Present.
New Members Committee Chairperson, 1984-85, Vice Chair 83-84.
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 1985-89.

Funds Accounting Manager Resume Samples

Funds Accounting Manager Resume Samples

Below are the Funds Accounting Manager Resume Samples, Examples, Template ready to use when you are gonna apply any accounting manager jobs.

Funds Accounting Manager Resume Samples

Jaka McSembung
253, Ellis Street
Phoenix, Arizona 01234
(123) 678 344.

1990 to Present BNC National Bank, Phoenix, AZ.
Accounting Manager
Monitored a staff of 5 people. Ensure that resources are spent and handled according to the goals, objectives and missions. Predicted client needs and resolved their requests and queries. kept an outstanding service record throughout the growth period to smooth the progress of our team's asset accountability from $8 billion to $10 billion in 16months. Accounting Assistant:

Monitored and executed currency and security settlements in global markets Maintained inbound and external audit requests by effectively integrating all legal tender and security inconsistency with customers and sub-custodians. Make sure the funds are being spent as per the budget planned.
1989 to 1990 Deserts Hills, Phoenix, AZ.
Fund Accountant
Matured equity transactions in the state markets. Prepared weekly and monthly accounting and financial statements for mutual funds. EDUCATION
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ.
Master of Science, 1992
Concentration: Finance.
Phoenix Advantage charter School.
Bachelor of Science, 1989.
Concentration: Finance and Economics.COMPUTERS
Software knowledge: Microsoft Word, Lotus 1-2-3. Pascal, FORTRAN

Accounting Executive Resume Samples

Accounting Executive Resume Samples

This is an examples of Accounting Executive Resume Samples, Accounting Executive Manager responsible for all fields related to financial reporting. This position will be responsible for developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices and procedures to ensure accurate financial reporting and timely

Accounting Executive Resume Samples, Examples, Template

Jackson Alatas
523, John Plabo Street,
Claymont, Delaware.
(201) 555 2938

To obtain an executive accountant post and contribute my skills, ability, experience in a reputed company.
Bachelor degree in Commerce in 2000 from University of Chicago Law School Course in business administration.
Knowledge in telephony, wireless, LAN connectivity. Microsoft word, excel, power point. Excellent presentation skills. Demonstrated ability to execute results against strategy & meet critical deadlines.
Worked as computer operator in print media for 1yr. Initiated 6months in Hexaware, a business firm in Chicago as sales executive. scheduled appointments, contributed in presentations.
Contributed in technical sales and business knowledge by participating in educational opportunities. Resolving issues, monitoring competitive products and reactions from clients.
currently helping a multi production company since 2001 as an Executive Accountant.
In 1999 joined a software company as an junior production manager analyzed financial and statistical data and revitalized current and fixed assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.
Adopted numerous marketing strategy to boost the production and sales on the basis of a balance maintaining between demand and supply.

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Airline Management Accountant Resume Sample

Airline Management Accountant Resume Sample

Sample Airline Management Accountant Resume Sample highlights contribution, of candidate's achievements, career and strong educational qualifications.

Airline Management Accountant Resume Sample, Example, Template

Pampam Roleco
465, West Street
Baltimore, Maryland 01234
(123) 456 789

ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, Baltimore, Maryland.
Senior Financial Analyst, Right Operations (Mar 1993-Present) :
Prepared annual budgets, monthly forecasts, and strategic plans for operating department. Created various computer models and analytical tools to facilitate variance analysis. Summarized monthly financial results and reported to upper management. Developed a positive work environment. Manager, Cargo Accounting Automation : (Nov 1990-Mar 1993). Suggested internal control procedures that saved $140,000 per year. Perform detailed revision to recognize cost savings. Examine financial performance of 60 cost centers. Prepared journal entries and audit program. Monitored accounts receivables and initiated collection efforts. Manager, Cargo Payables and Processing : (Dec 1988-Nov 1990). Organized system training for employees. Calculated actual expenses to budget and examined differences. Contribute to productivity improvements saving $20 million annually. Gave managerial support for capital requests, personnel requests, and budget preparation. Supervisor, Freight & Mail Audit : (Sep 1986-Dec 1988). Improved superiority and accuracy of budgeting and forecasting. Monitored monthly revenue. Supervised 20 managing employees and 60 clerks. Promote participation and gave power to employees to take initiative.
CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT Institute of Management Accountants(1987).EDUCATION :
Baltimore Hebrew University Baltimore, Maryland.
Graduated May 1984 - Bachelor of Accounting Science.Student Senate Vice-President and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
Proficiency with Lotus 123. WordPerfect. Harvard Graphics and LAN environment. MAINFRAME
Designed, developed, and executed two computer systems. Established ability to query mainframe database and extract relevant information. Well-known with IBM and Unisys platforms - database, SQL.

Junior Accountant Resume Sample

In this Junior Accountant Resume Sample, statistics and dollar figures measure candidates activities and candidates avoids duplication by itemizing job heading and focusing on on-the-job responsibilities and accomplishments.

Junior Accountant Resume Sample, Example, Template

Mark J Roland
586, Park Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(789) 456 789

Junior Accountant (April 1993 to Present)

Maintain the Accounts Payable unit. Handle monthly journal entries. Administer cash payments, expenses recording and petty cash reconciliation.


The given sample resume format shows constant career development and technological summary gives attention to candidate's computer knowledge.
Stiffen Hills
586, Park Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(789) 456 789

Junior Accountant (April 1993 to Present!

Supervise the Accounts Payable unit. Prepare monthly journal entries, oversee cash disbursements, expense recording and petty cash reconciliation. These responsibilities are in addition to the Accounting Technician position.
Accounting Technician (September 1989 to April 1993)
Participated in accounts payable processes like examining and auditing documents of accuracy. Examined and audited payroll documents. Maintained accounts, database, verified, prepared monthly and daily billings. Trained and assisted accounting clerks.
Secretary to Vice-President of Finance (December 1987 to September 1989)
Categorized all correspondence and memos. Typed, verified and distributed all financial statements. Dealt with all incoming calls of bookkeeping and Data Processing department and planned all appointments. Filed accounts payable data.
The Computer Network. Boise, ID
Completed Word Processing Certificate Program, November. 1986 Fluent in Spanish
Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Word on IBM PC and Macintosh, Wang Word processor.
Available upon request.
Accounting Technician (September 1989 to April 1993)
Participated in accounts payable processes like examining and auditing documents of accuracy. Examined and audited payroll documents. Maintained accounts, database, verified, prepared monthly and daily billings. Trained and assisted accounting clerks.
Secretary to Vice-President of Finance (December 1987 to September 1989)
Categorized all correspondence and memos. Typed, verified and distributed all financial statements. Dealt with all incoming calls of bookkeeping and Data Processing department and planned all appointments. Filed accounts payable data.
The Computer Network. Boise, ID
Completed Word Processing Certificate Program, November. 1986 Fluent in Spanish
Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Word on IBM PC and Macintosh, Wang Word processor.
Available upon request.

Accounting Clerk Resume Samples

This is an example of Accounting Clerk resume samples and templates. Accounting Clerk Resume Samples,Accounting Clerk record and collect a summary of the financial transactions of a business or other organization for management purposes.

Accounting Clerk Resume Samples

Agus Hartono
45, Clark Street
Geneva, NewYork,46500.

Achieve assistant accounting position in a reputed firm that offers ability to develop my skills and experiences.
3-4 years experience in accounting field. Excellent communication knowledge like hardware, programming and networking. Self-motivated; implemented decisions and set valuable priorities to achieve both urgent and durable goals. Improved personality, having dealt with experts, clients, and team members.
Montrose Accounting, NY.

Accounting Assistant:

Verify purchase orders and invoices. Solved areas where their were problems. Prepare, scrutinize, and maintain computerized bills payables and receivables. Observe accounting system for domestic software companies. Implemented a billing system to maintain satisfying relations with clients. Also worked as troubleshooter. Designed an employee cash checking center within company. Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk:
Maintained Accounts Receivables And Accounts Payables. handled outgoing communications by fax, word document, and mails. Robert Half finance & accounting, NY.
Accounting Assistant:

Generated income statements, general ledger, checks and reports. Deposited monthly rent checks. Maintain books of accounts.
Bachelor in Cost and Works Accounting, New York University.

Accounting Assistant Resume Samples

Accounting Assistant Resume samples, examples and template. Assistant Accountant Experienced bookkeeper who helped and Key Production Accountant Assistant Accountant for financial control during the production of feature films. Since every production is different, the appropriate Assistant Accountant duties are defined in advance by the Production Accountant, or Key Assistant Accountant, in consultation with the Production Accountant. This position is office-based, and requires a working knowledge of production accounting software, general computer literacy, and ability to work in teams.

Accounting Assistant Resume Samples, Examples, Templates

Jambrong McDonald
887, Ellis Street
Chicago, IL 46469
(123) 436 879

A career in the financial backgroung where budgeting experience will be advanced.
Continues 6 yrs of experience in budget control management, and sales. Good oral and written communication skills. Flexible in understanding new concepts. Proficient in handling diverse tasks all together.

1985-Present state treasury, Chicago, IL
Accounting Assistant Negotiate contract work. Attend state domicile meetings. Act as liaison with Budget department and accountants. Make the most use of IBM and Hewlett Packard Computer Systems. Interface with clients from presentations and determining needs through completion of services. Assist with public relations, payroll & opening/closing monthly and yearly budgets.
1980-1985 CRAVEN TRANSPORT, Midway Airport, Chicago, IL
Budget Director
Set up/implemented $7 million budget and payroll for main branch and subsidiaries. Discussed contracts with air freight agencies operating directly with owner.
Budget Director
Actuated original budget for new company; ensured appropriation of moneys for payroll. Controlled all official work utilizing IBM Computer. System.
Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL Major: Business Management.

Senior Accountant Resume Sample

Guide: This senior accountant resume sample, example,template will help you to get your job. Senior Accountant to oversee a small staff of professional accountants and, if necessary, support personnel of scholars in accounting or auditing operation or an independent will do a more complex accounting or auditing work that is characterized by factors such as size of organization, a number of programs and client groups serviced , laws and regulations that control the program and a highly refined accounting systems that involve a number of different journals and subsidiary ledgers.

Senior Accountant Resume Sample

Keegan Edison
128, Raymore.
Kansas city, MO.


Senior Financial Analyst(May, 1990 to Present) Allstate Insurance company, Kansas city, MO.
Helped manager in preparing financial statements and reports. Examine job of staff accountant and approve journal ledger for data entry. Support in preparing and maintaining budgets using Excel and Word for Windows. Developed annual budgets for Allstate Insurance company. Helped outside auditor in doing audit process.
Senior Accountant (March 1989 to July, 1990)
George k.Baum & company.
Coordinated in all aspects of monthly closings and financial reporting. Supervised staff of 3 (Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, general ledger, payroll). Prepared Balance sheet, reconciliation statements including inventory. Performed investigative analysis regarding profit and loss account.
Staff Accountant(March 1987 to July 1989)
Kansas City Ballet, Missouri.
Processed accounts payable entries. Assisted in company accounting reconciliations. Worked for completion of sales tax filings. Keep track of petty cash accounts. Worked with vendors to make sure that accurate sales tax rates are charged. Assisted other team members of accounting department when required.
Master of Science in Accountancy, expected completion August, 1993
Kansas Wesleyan University, Kansas, MO.
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, December, 1986
Southwestern College, Kansas, MO.
Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 (Windows), Solomon General Ledger, Networking.

General Accountant Resume Sample

General Accountant Resume Sample

This general accountant resume sample, will show you the best resume for Accounting Resume. General Accountant must have the ability to make judgements by applying facts in situations to accounting principles through investigation and analysis of source material; the ability to communicate effectively with staff at all levels throughout the Corporation; Have good customer service skills; Have the ability to organize and plan own work flows with a minimum of supervision, utilizing sound judgement in discretionary areas.

General Accountant Resume Sample, Examples, Template

Jimmy Wong
576, Division Street
Chicago, Illinois-05778
(342) 465-885


An accountant position that helps in utilizing my professional experiences, and capability to communicate with managers and administrative heads.
Worked as Administrative Accountant in a small sized motor works manufacturing company serving overall national market. maintained accounts, journal entries and recording auditors statements and documents. Two years experience with Certified Public Accountants.
Discover Financial Company, Illinois. 2000 - Present.
Developed, and maintained all aspects of business accountancy, marketing, and data processing of company. Worked on financial budgeting, capital expenditure, cash flow and foreign-exchange dealings. Established close relations between bank executives, and auditors, ensuring conformity with all regulatory bodies. Tribune Company. 1998 - 1999.
Accounts Payable Clerk:
Applied a new software program which helped in increasing department productivity and reduce errors by 15% . Providing excellent customer service on a consistent basis which ensures customer value. Auditor: 1996 - 1998. One year experience in auditing private, public, holding, and government companies. Prepared financial statements, profit and loss accounts, balance-sheets and schedules.

Bachelor's Degree, with major in Accountancy, Masters in Banking and Finance, 1997.

Account Payable Clerk Resume Sample General Letter

Before you read the account payable clerk resume accounting resume, read this, the Account Payable Clerk reports to the Director of Finance and is responsible for providing financial, administrative and religious services. This includes processing and monitoring payments and expenditures and preparing and monitoring the payroll system. Providing this service in effectively and efficiently will ensure that accurate financial city and up to date, that staff are paid in a timely and appropriate and that vendors and suppliers are paid within the specified time limit.

Account Payable Clerk Resume Sample, Examples, Templates

James Bond
54, Marley Town
Providence, Rhode Island.
(123) 456 789

Seeking a position in management support where achieved accounting skills will be developed.


Microsoft INC, Providence, RI..(May 1989 to Present)
Accounts Payable Department
Typing, filing documents and further common staff duties.
Input receipts on a computer and print checks for all 4 different offices.
Help in payroll preparation by calculating all time details and related duties.

PROVIDENCE JOURNAL COMPANY, Providence, RI.(1986 to 5/89)
Accounts Payable
Arranged all invoices to patch up with purchase orders for input into computers.
Added up all invoices to match check amounts.
In charge for sorting mail, filing, and general office duties.

GALAPAGOS INC, Providence, RI.(1984 to 1986)
General Office Worker
Perform as cashier.
Light typist.
Bank depositor.
key punch operator.
Handled accounts payables, account receivables and filing them.
Maintain important customer details

Lotus 1-2-3

WASHINGTON TRUST COMPANY, Providence, RI.(1985-1986)
Completed courses in Accounting, Typing and Data Processing.

Camping, fishing, and jogging.
Account Payable Clerk Resume Sample, Examples, Templates