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Loan Servicer Resume Samples

This is an example of Loan Servicer Resume Samples, A loan servicer is public or private entities that collect, monitor and report loan payments, handling property tax, insurance escrows and late payments, credit forecloses failed, and remits payment,

Loan Servicer Resume Samples, Example, Template

Gregory Tahoma
123, Really Street
Dallas, TX, 01234
(123) 456 789

To pursue a career as a loan servicer in the well known financial organization that utilizes best of my skills and experience.
Professional Skill
Excellent communication ability. More than 4 years of commercial loan services experience. Capable to understand and carry out the loan related works.
Professional Experience
Parson Finance Consultancy, Glynn, GA
Loan Servicer Monitor property tax, take care of the insurance services and stop the defaulted loans. Accumulate, supervise and make the statement of loan payments. Recovery of the sanctioned loans. Send the payments. Make sure the fulfillment of financial legality. Assist the clients by approving their loans, manage the financial structure, ensure insurances and complete the processing of payment. Sicom Finance Company, Harris, GA
Loan Executive Reduced the losses and risks in the business that results in financial transactions. Managed the insurance budget of organization. Helped in loan grants and their recovery on time. Supervised and prohibited the flow of disbursement and cash receipts. Authorized loan, solicited business, and guided the investment if funds. Handled the trusts, lending, investments and mortgages.
College of Coastal Georgia, GA
Bachelor's Degree in Finance.

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