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Financial Representative Cover Letter Sample

Financial Representative Cover Letter Sample

For any of you who [love to,like to] interact with [people,individuals,folks] and [able to,ready to,able to] sell stuff, [you can,you'll,you'll be able to] [try to,attempt to,try and] apply [a job,employment] as a [financial,monetary,money] representative. [the main,the most] duties of this job position are to sell bank [products,merchandise,product] and services [as much,the maximum amount] as [possible,potential,attainable,doable]. [you are,you're] expected [to meet,to satisfy,to fulfill] and exceed sales quotas on [a regular,a daily,an everyday] basis and failure [to meet,to satisfy,to fulfill] sales goals [can result,may result,may end up] in reprimands and terminations. So, this job [is ideal,is right,is good] for any of you who love direct selling and have [a great,an excellent,a good] motivation. Besides that responsibility, a sales representative [must,should] be [able to,ready to,able to] multi-task [while,whereas] [offering,providing,giving] exceptional [customer,client] service. As a representative [you should,you ought to,you must] have depth [knowledge,information,data] in bank policies and procedures [because,as a result of,as a result of] [it will,it'll] [help you,assist you] to resolve the client’s [problem,drawback,downside] quickly. [you also,you furthermore may,you furthermore mght] [have to,need to,got to,have to be compelled to,ought to] [able to,ready to,able to] handle [lots of,many,a lot of,numerous,countless,several,scores of,innumerable,uncountable,immeasurable,millions of,ample,countless,legion,several,variant,various,voluminous] clients’ [personality,temperament]. Having [a good,an honest,a decent] communication [skill,talent,ability] [will be,are going to be,are] [very,terribly] [helpful,useful] [to get,to urge,to induce] this job. [you can,you'll,you'll be able to] use the below [cover,cowl] letter [to get,to urge,to induce] this job.

Cindy Evans,
12 West 34 Streets,
New Jersey, MA 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Date: 3rd September 2010

Mr. John Banks,
TLD Company,
98 West 56 Streets,
New Jersey, MA 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Dear Mr. Banks,

I read your advertisement in Daily News about the job vacancy for sales representative in financial services. I have a genuine interest in this job position in order to apply my skills as a good representative. I strongly believe that I can be a good candidate and be an asset for your company.

As per my resume showed, I have three years experience as a sales representative for B ‘n C Inc. From my previous job I learned to work with a team and handle various clients’ personality.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact me at above telephone number to arrange a small meeting as per your convenience.

Thank you reading my resume and consideration.


Cindy Evans