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Financial Examiner Cover Letter Sample

Financial Examiner Cover Letter Sample

Financial examiner [is a,may be a,could be a] [challenging,difficult] job [that requires,that needs] some specific skills, [such as,like,like] [able to,ready to,able to] use a spreadsheet software program, [mathematics,arithmetic], basic economics and finance. [an ability,a capability] to review [large,giant,massive] volumes of documents, a detailed-oriented individual and [always,invariably,continuously,continually,forever,perpetually] up [to date,so far,thus far,up to now,to this point] with [the latest,the newest,the most recent] [information,info,data] [is also,is additionally] [beneficial,useful,helpful]. An examiner [must,should] perform the duties with high level of technical proficiency and integrity. [financial,monetary,money] examiner [can,will] access confidential [information,info,data] [about,concerning,regarding] [financial,monetary,money] [data,knowledge,information] and activities. An examiner [is expected,is predicted,is anticipated] to safeguard [the data,the info,the information] that he/she inspects and examines. [usually,typically,sometimes] a [financial,monetary,money] examiner is [responsible for,liable for,answerable for,chargeable for,to blame for,accountable for] handling [several,many] departments [and they,and that they] [have to,need to,got to,have to be compelled to,ought to] travel from one branch to the others. An examiner [can,will] travel [in a,during a,in an exceedingly,in a very] team and [spend,pay] [several,many] days to examining the [financial,monetary,money] [data,knowledge,information]. So, if [you love,you're keen on,you like] accounting and travelling, the position as a [financial,monetary,money] examiner [can be,are often,will be,is,may be] your [choice,selection,alternative].

Financial Examiner Cover Letter Sample, Example, Template

Randy Smith,

12 West 34 Streets,
New Jersey, MA 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Date: 1st September 2010

Mr. George Edison,

XYZ Bank,

98 West 56 Streets,

New Jersey, MA 56789,

(098)-765 4321.

Dear Mr. Edison,

I read your advertisement on Monday Mail and I am interested to apply the position as a financial examiner. I am sure that my experience and knowledge will be beneficial for your company.

I hold B.A in finance and marketing from New Jersey University and I am currently working as a financial examiner of ABC Bank. I enjoy my job but I am willing to look for a new place. I read your company’s reputation on Economic Magazine and I am very excited to join in. I have excellent communication skills, very easy to adapt new environment, organizational skills and quick learner.

I have attached my resume for your consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank for your time and attention.


Randy Smith

Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Resume Sample of Auditor Position

Resume Sample of Auditors : The auditor is an important position in the firm or company accounting. For those of you who wish to become auditors, you must have at least a bachelor's degree majoring in accounting. Some courses such as economics, communications, computers, and the humanities can be very helpful. Most of the CPA firm that requires you to pass the state certification exam and earn the designation Certified Public Accountant. And before taking the exam, many states require that you must have 150 hours of college level course work. As an auditor, you will be responsible for examining and analyzing accounting records, prepare financial reports, review data regarding material assets, capital, surplus, income, net worth, assets, and expenditures; verify the journals and ledgers and checks, purchases, payment of outstanding trial, and costs, and prepare reports for management concerning the financial condition, was found, and the scope of the audit. Auditors usually work between thirty five and forty hours a week for five days. But sometimes they also need to work overtime without extra pay. These examples below to continue can be very useful for you to apply for jobs.

Kim Kardashiansy
76, Smart Street 777,
South Avenue, Boston,
(123) 301 3474

Looking for a position as an auditor where I can utilize my communication, auditing and problem solving skills.

· Able to handle auditing project
· Excellent communication and organizational skills
· Depth knowledge in accounting subject
· Good management and leadership skills
· Familiar with Microsoft Office Professional, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.


• Certified Public Accountant (Licensed in California)


Boston State University
B.S., Accounting, 2005


Sunrise Inc, Boston
GA Auditor 2009 – present

· Responsible for operational audits and staff preparation and development.
· Managed special reviews and investigations including employee and vendor misconduct, fraud and bankruptcy.
· Organized audit programs and reports and delivered the results to upper management.

Umbrella Company, Boston
Staff Accountant 2005 – 2009

· Processed financial transactions
· Organized special projects, and respond to data requests from other departments, auditors, and governmental agencies.
· Handled general accounting functions, completion and maintenance of general ledgers and financial reports, payroll and accounts payable processing and review.